Lincoln Pickard


Detengan el aumento del impuesto a la gasolina!

School Choice! "Escuela: Los padres tendran la opcion o eleccion de donde enviar a sus hijos."
Money to follow the child!
$22,000.00 is being spent
per child per year
in California.

Stop illegal immigration. Detengan la inmigracion ilegal.

Stop "Get Out Of Jail Free"
cards for criminals.

Spend gas tax money on fixing
and improving roads
and on repairing pot holes,
not high speed trains to nowhere.

Gasten el dinero del impuesto a la gasolina
en arreglar y mejorar las carreteras y en reparar baches,
no en trenes de alta velocidad que van a ninguna parte.

Paper ballots,
one day voting,
results by midnight of election day.
Absentee mail in ballots must be requested.

Papeletas de votacion en papel,
un solo dia de votacion,
resultados para la medianoche del dia de las elecciones.
Las papeletas de voto ausente por correo deben ser solicitadas.

Best choice for School Board or any time you vote!

Lincoln thanks all the folks who voted for him.
But most voters supported Biden and the liberal neo-Democrats.
These Democrat votes support:
High gas prices.
More genders than you can count.
Even their Supreme Court nominee couldn't answer the question "What is a woman?"
Democrats vote that it can be acceptable to kill a person before they have taken their first breath.
There are many more neo-Democrat policies that violate the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution which has the values, that have made us the greatest nation on earth.

Every Democrat vote supports a mileage tax on our cars.
Did you know your Democrat vote will raise the cost of getting to work,
going on vacation, going to the store to buy groceries,
or any other time you drive your car?
Is this what you wanted to do with your Democrat vote?

Democrats vote to tax you for every mile you drive on top of the already high tax on gasoline.
Yes they also charge you sales tax on gas.
Democrat regulations keep the price of gas higher than 48 other states.
Only Hawaii has higher average gas prices.
Democrats put these taxes in the general fund
and don't necessarily spend it on keeping our roads safe and maintained.

Money and wealth gives us more choices.

Democrats with their high taxes take away some of those choices and some of our freedom. Our freedom and rights come from a higher power,
but some men and women would like to take from us
some of our choices and some of our freedom.

Your vote for Lincoln Pickard Says "No!" to this Democrat insanity.

A Democrat vote helps give these Democrat politicians the power to inflict their demented insane policies on us.

Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says you want the freedom and prosperity
that has been enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.
Whether Lincoln Pickard wins or loses the election, your opinion has been anonymously recorded by the Registrar of Voters.

Remember, our gas tax is more than enough to fix and expand our roads and highways
if properly allocated.

Remember, money and wealth equals freedom to do more things.
When the government takes more than it needs to perform basic essential services,
it is stealing not only your money but some of your freedom.

Lincoln Pickard does not want to cut Social Security and almost all Republicans agree with him.

In fact, the only ones who cut Social Security payments were Democrats.

Two years under Democrat rule, Social Security did not receive cost of living increases.
These cuts are still costing Social Security recipients a chunk of cash each month and will continue to do so forever.
Did you know your Democrat vote took some cash, some choices and some freedom from older retired citizens of the United States?
Maybe even took some food off their tables.

Don't expect the legacy media to inform you that only Democrats have actually cut Social Security payments to senior citizens.

A Democrat vote is putting farmers out of business in California.
Fruits, nuts and vegatables will go up in price as supply shrinks
and some of this healthy food will be absent from grocery shelves.
Democrats have disastrous water policies
and they over regulate and put ridiculous fees on farmers.
Were you trying to put farmers out of business
and trying to raise the cost of healthy foods when you voted Democrat?
Did you know this is what your Democrat vote is doing?

Lincoln believes our nation was founded on Christian values and if we abandon those values, we will eventually lose our liberty and our freedom.
Our nation was founded as a republic based on law and justice, not the whim or popular democratic idea at the moment.
Lincoln can not win the battle for our freedom and our republic without a lot of help from voters who value their liberty and their prosperity.
We get to try again to vote for and preserve our Constitutional values in March and November of 2024. The fight begins today with the work we do and the things we say.
Unknown to many, our founding fathers were teenagers and young men fighting for their futures and their children's future.
They fought against a king that wanted to dominate their lives.
They were not uninspired and hackneyed old white men
trying to gain control over their fellow man.
They were men who valued their freedom
and were willing to take responsibility for their own destiny.
Do we have to feel the sting of a Putin, Stalin or Hitler before we vote to restore our Christian nation?

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