Lincoln Pickard

Best choice for School Board

Lincoln thanks all the folks who voted for him.
But most voters supported Biden and the liberal neo-Democrats.
These Democrat votes support:
High gas prices.
More genders than you can count.
Even their Supreme Court nominee couldn't answer the question "What is a woman?"
Democrats vote that it can be acceptable to kill a person before they have taken their first breath.
There are many more neo-Democrat policies that violate the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution which has the values, that have made us the greatest nation on earth.

Lincoln believes our nation was founded on Christian values and if we abandon those values, we will eventually lose our liberty and our freedom.
Our nation was founded as a republic based on law and justice, not the whim or popular democratic idea at the moment.
Lincoln can not win the battle for our freedom and our republic without a lot help from voters who value their liberty and their prosperity.
We get to try again to vote for and preserve our Constitutional values in two years. The fight begins today with the work we do and the things we say.
Unknown to many, our founding fathers were teenagers and young men fighting for their futures and their children's future. They fought against a king that wanted to dominate their lives.
Do we have to feel the sting of a Putin, Stalin or Hitler before we vote to restore our Christian nation?

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